First Impressions of Chiang Mai

We finally arrived in Chiang Mai, the place everyone raves about.  So excited to finally be here!  After the all-night bus ride, all we wanted was some breakfast.  So we walked up and down Niemenhamin Street where Fahrin’s brother lives.  It’s a swanky neighbourhood.  Far too rich for my blood.  There’s coffee shop after coffee shop serving beverages that cost the same as a few meals in Bangkok.  American-style clothing and furniture stores round out the offerings.  Breakfast?  No dice.  There’s nothing open.  Where are all the food stands??  In Bangkok you couldn’t spit without hitting a food stand at any time of the day or night, and here – nothing.  And this is supposed to be a happening street.

What’s so great about this place??

We ate at the only place open – a stand with delicious Burmese food for less than the price of a coffee next door.

With our bellies full, we took a nice stroll in the old city.  The place was deserted – especially compared to the constant hustle and bustle of Bangkok.  It was nice and chill, but kind of weird.  Where were all the people?!

The walk through Chinatown didn’t have the same mind-boggling effect as Bangkok’s Chinatown.  In fact, it was quite sedate by comparison.  And the offerings were mainly geared toward locals.  So many hideous old-lady blouses to choose from!  Maybe we just hadn’t hit the cool section of town yet…

The afternoon was a bit more promising.  We stumbled upon a cool old temple.  Toured through the backpacker area which is like a beach town, minus the beach.  But still not much happening.  So what’s all the fuss about?  I don’t know if I was expecting too much, but so far Chiang Mai is a bit of a letdown.


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