The World’s First Ferris Wheel and My First Waterafall

You can only sit around and look at the river for so long, so last week, we decided to get out of town and see what the surrounding area had to offer.

We visited a Chinese village

where we happened upon what could very well be the first ferris wheel ever invented

(ok, now google it and tell me I’m wrong).
I thought about trying it, but the creaking and moaning noises it made held me back. We also made fast friends with this dude
who seemed to only want to talk to us and take our picture because we were foreigners.

Or, he saw future rock stardom written all over us and decided to get the his picture with us now before we need bodyguards.

Ultimately, while I wasn’t overwhelmed by the Chinese village, it was a nice little detour and provided some good snapshots:

Then we continued our drive up to Mor Paeng Waterfall.  I was pretty excited, because I’d never seen a (big) waterfall before (not including Niagara Falls, which doesn’t really count ’cause you can’t swim in it).  When Stu told me about waterfalls he’d seen, I was picturing WATERFALLS.  Turns out that when people who have seen waterfalls talk about waterfalls, they’re just talking about water falling.  Down rocks.  Sometimes a longer falls, sometimes a shorter fall.  But apparently, waterfalls don’t all mean this:

Mor Paeng Waterfall is much more modest, but beautiful nonetheless.

I’ve never been swimming in a waterfall, so I did that, even though the water was PAINFULLY cold.  But it was totally worth it.

Though signs like this did make me pause:

I was careful.  I didn’t be slip down.  And I had so so much fun.  🙂


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  1. Maybe it is an illusion, but the guy you took your picture with has a really big head, almost like it was photo-shopped onto a smaller body. lol


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