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Little Warriors

After our stopover at The White Temple, Stu and I made our way to the Thai-Laos border, where you have to cross by boat into Huey Xai. Continue reading

The White Temple

After four and a half weeks in Pai, we finally got out of that lovely, sleepy small town.  We lounged for a couple of days in Chiang Mai and then boarded a bus to make our way to Laos.  On the way to the border, we made a stop in Chiang Rai, at the Wat Rong Khun (the White Temple).  Funnily enough, during our couple of days in Chiang Mai, we met a guy from Los Angeles who only had a couple of weeks left in Thailand, and who was intent on seeing he White Temple in Chiang Rai.  I tried to convince him to spend his time in Pai instead.  I mean temples (Wats) are nice and all, but this is Southeast Asia.  You can’t spit six feet without hitting another temple.  I got Watted out pretty fast when we got here.  And while all these Wats are beautiful, I found them to be fairly similar.  Gold.  Red.  Buddha.  We got it.   Continue reading


I love tattoos.  Love love love tattoos.  I have three small ones myself, but being in Thailand is making me itch for more. Continue reading

18 Years Later…It Smells Just As Sweet…

Back in 1993, I took a summer trip that included a couple of months inDar-es-Salaam Tanzania.  There, I fell in love with frangipanis.

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“Blink Blink” and Other Ridiculous T-Shirts

It may be a cultural issue, or a language barrier, but in Thailand there seems to be a different approach to what they’ll print on a T-shirt.  Most noticeably, it doesn’t need to make sense.  At least not to me, a native English speaker and a copywriter.  Nor to Fahrin, an avid reader and excellent writer in her own right.  Take, for example, this shirt…

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