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Been there. Done that.

Yesterday was particularly special for both of us.  We got to do something Stu had always dreamed of doing and I had never imagined doing:  hanging out with elephants.

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Show & Tell in Chiang Mai

After much hulabaloo with the bus out of Bangkok, including several almost-misses and me yelling down the dark streets of a Bangkok alleyway “STUUU!!! STUUUU!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!”, we finally got out of Bangkok on Sunday  night.

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Look Left. Look Right. Look Left Again.

Remember that old video game called Frogger?  It was something like a frog trying to cross a street, while dodging cars in every lane?  That’s kind of what it’s like trying to cross the street in Bangkok.

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Sunrise In Bangkok

Sometimes, a girl just needs to go out for an early morning walk with her guy.

Like when he wakes up before sunrise with a headache, needing some food so he can take an Advil, and you’re sleeping in a tiny room in a strange city, you can’t just let him go out alone.  And so it came to be that Stu and I ended up going out for a sunrise walk in Bangkok. And I’m really glad we did.  My only regret is that I didn’t think to take my camera with me at that time in the morning.  But maybe I can paint the picture for you here.

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Dancing Girl

There is one spot I love in Bangkok.  I’m definitely less allergic to this place than I am to the rest of the city.  We found it yesterday, on a walk down to the river.  (When we asked for directions to the river, we were told with a vague wave of the hand, “it’s that way”.  Funnily enough, the dude was right.  And we found it.)

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Adverse Reaction

I’m allergic to Bangkok.

No joke, I’ve been sneezing and sniffling since we got here.  I don’t have a cold, and it’s not because I haven’t been sleeping enough.  I know what both of those feel like, and this isn’t it.  I’m just allergic to Bangkok. Continue reading

Arrival – 33 Hours Later, and a King-Sized Bed After All

33 hours of travelling is a long time.  A really long time.  Even when (or maybe especially when) 12 hours of it is spent in an airport terminal.  Though to their credit, the folks at Heathrow did a really good job with Terminal 3.

We arrived after a fairly uneventful flight from Toronto and made it to T3 at Heathrow, where our flight to Bangkok departed from 12 hours later.  Walking into T3 for the first time was overwhelming.  It was jammed with people, arriving or departing or waiting.   A lot of them were waiting.  And knowing that, the good folks at Heathrow International have made sure that you have ample opportunity to spend your money while you wait.

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