Our Most Adventurous Meal Yet!

Last night, Fahrin and I set out to get some dinner at the local market.  When we got there, we decided not to eat there as most things were for take-away and it wasn’t really conducive to eating there.  So we continued our walk in the local’s neighbourhood to see what we could see.

Full of Thais -It MUST be good!

After awhile we saw a place from across the street that looked interesting.  It was full of Thai people – and ONLY Thai people – who were sitting on the floor in groups of 4 or 5 eating around round tables.  The place was packed!  It must be good, we thought.

As we looked inside to spot an empty spot, a friendly patron smiled and waved at us.  There was one empty spot, so we took off our shoes and made our way inside.  As we weaved between the groups, the friendly woman instructed the others in our way to make way.

The Centre of Attention

We sat down and could feel all eyes upon us.  The hum of conversations escalated into a noticeably louder rumble.  People were pointing and laughing, necks were craning to get a look at us.  Everyone in the place – and I mean EVERYONE – was talking about us.  And they all seemed to know each other.  They were having conversations and sharing food between tables in a very familiar way.

We sat there feeling awkward for what seemed like an eternity.  No one came to greet us, give us a menu or take our order.  Certainly they knew we were here!  Why were we being ignored.  Were we not welcome??

I was getting more and more uncomfortable.  I suggested to Fahrin that maybe we just get up and go.  She said she wasn’t giving in so fast.


A few minutes later, a server arrived with a round table full of food for us.  We hadn’t ordered anything, but there it was!  We’d noticed that every table had the same assortment of dishes, and we were no exception.  There were around 8 dishes – a few soups, sausage, some ground meat, a couple of saucy things – and sticky rice on the side in little bamboo containers.  The friendly woman, with the help of her friend, managed to communicate that the green sauce was really spicy.  When we thanked her with the Thai “korp koon kap” another rumble rippled throughout the place.

I tried my best to seem comfortable and fit in, and not make any faux pas like coughing or wincing at the spicy food, as many eyes were still upon us.  “This is what travelling is all about,” I told Fahrin.  We both knew that this was a meal that we would be taking about for a long time.


A little while later, an entire table got up and left – without paying.  Then another table followed suit.  And another, and another.  No one paid for their meals.  What was going on??  Had they pre-paid?  Were they all part of a special group or tour?  Had we walked into a private function?  Was this a family dinner?  Was our meal going to be free, too?

Why is No One Paying?

The entire place cleared out except for one table of men who were sitting and lounging, eating their watermelon.  We were stuffed.  It was time to go.  Should we just get up and walk out like the others?  Surely we shouldn’t be so presumptuous.  We asked for the bill.  The server came back with a bill, written in English, “Thai food 2 people.”  They charged us 150 baht each – one of our most expensive meals yet, and we only drank water.  It was a lot of food, but this seemed excessive.  Had we just paid for the entire crowd?  Surely the Thais hadn’t paid this much.

The meal was relatively expensive, which is still only $5 each.  But as “expensive” as is was, we were richer for the experience.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mum on January 20, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    This is funny. Ha. So did u manage to find out later what actually happened? Did they manage to scam you or what?


    • No, we never did find out what happened. And if that’s the extent to which we get scammed, I can live with it. I suspect that we weren’t scammed, though. It was A LOT of food, and the price wasn’t that excessive.


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